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77 Million Paintings, San Francisco and Second Life: Slideshow


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Hey there Long Nowbies, Eno-oids, Evening Stars and Oblique Strategists*

Check out our Twitter page for all the press on 77 Million Paintings and the Long Now: Second Life opening this past weekend, in conjunction with the opening in San Francisco

*a quote from the artist and writer Wirxli Flimflam/Jeremy Turner in Vancouver who wrote this great post on opening night (just found it).

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Brian Eno, 77 Million Paintings, Second Life

Had a great time last night at the first live event in Second Life with Long Now (aside from the big party the night before, oh and this interview with Alexander). Here is Brian logging on as himself. The event was very well-received and was an intimate gathering of about fifteen Long Now members and an equal number of people who contributed to the project.

eno logs on
Avatar sculpted by Annie Ok of Art Center
Photo by Rik Panganiban

Thanks to Isabelle Jenniches for the great video stream, and Dan Winckler for hooking it all together.

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77 Million Paintings, Second Life:: Press Release

Release is here and in full below!


Eno has spent a great deal of his life sowing creative seeds and 77 Million Paintings could be considered his most complex and fruitful project.”
Dustin Driver


Immerse yourself in the ever-changing sound and imagescapes of Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings through an exclusive mixed reality event in Second Life.

The Long Now Foundation, a San Francisco non profit dedicated to fostering long-term responsibility, is pleased to announce the Second Life premiere of Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings, in partnership with metaverse services company

The work will be both streamed via video at select locations inside Second Life, while a rendition of 77 Million Paintings has been created by creative partner Annabeth Robinson, known virtually as AngryBeth Shortbread.

Two evenings, June 29th and 30th, are open to the general public at multiple venues across Second Life, with the largest public area provided by Joi Ito (Kula Sims). The final night, July 1st, is a private event that will be held in appreciation for Long Now members worldwide ( and hosted on the Leeds College of Art and Design’s Digital Media Sim. Members of The Long Now Foundation staff and board will also be visiting the Second Life sims throughout the weekend and during the member event on Sunday evening.

The North American premiere will be hosted by The Long Now Foundation at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Mr. Eno hopes to be in San Francisco for the event.

Questions regarding the Second Life opening, sponsorship of the event, Second Life-based artwork and itself should be directed to Bryan Campen at {at} gmail [dot] com.

Any questions or requests for interviews regarding the artist, installation and membership to The Long Now Foundation should be directed to Danielle Engelman at 415.561.6582 or via email at danielle {at} longnow [dot] org

See for more information on the event and The Long Now Foundation, and for further understanding of the artwork. Check for updates on the Second Life events and sponsors involved with 77 Million Paintings.

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Long Now Members: email me to sign up for Second Life opening of 77 Million Paintings

Link to teleport to the public event is here

Long Now members Let me know ( if you intend to make the private Second Life event. International Long Now members will be there, board members will be there, and we hope you will be too.

Here is a teaser shot of a potential panel in the early phase. Annabeth has done SO much more it is astounding, and you will see the results very soon:

NOTE: Touching this image will teleport you to the event site:O


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Long Now on Facebook Groups *and* Causes

You can now join-up with Long Now on Facebook through the Long Now group on Facebook or through the Facebook Causes app. Any questions, email [at] gmail [dot] com

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Thought for the day

Putting 77 Million Paintings in Second Life is sort of like dropping a clock of the Long Now in Times Square. Somehow, it just makes sense.

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